Surgery. Done better.

Goldfinch Health offers a unique systematic approach to help your employees navigate surgery and the healing that follows.

Surgery is costly.

While the dollar figures on the surgery bill can be large, lengthy recovery, extended disability and related productivity and employee engagement costs loom even larger.

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Each year US employers waste


in labor costs alone,
due to underutilized
Advanced Surgical Pathways.

Goldfinch’s systematic approach to surgery

[us_iconbox icon=”far|tachometer” title=”Performance Tracking”]The key metric is Saved Days. How long are your employees out of work vs. national benchmarks? You’ll have direct line-of-sight into program performance at all times.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”far|bullseye-arrow” title=”Guaranteed ROI”]Goldfinch takes accountability for results. If we don’t demonstrate savings at least equal to your investment in the program, you’re due a refund.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”far|spa” title=”Peace of Mind”]Surgery is intimidating for most employees. It can be scary, especially when considering the risks of opioid painkillers. With Goldfinch, you can rest assured you’ve set up your employees for success.[/us_iconbox]
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