Secure Messaging

The first HIPAA-compliant communication platform built with a connected purpose.

The secure mobile messaging feature in OmniLife’s app is uniquely designed for the decentralized and complex communication inherent in organ referrals, offerings, allocation, procurement and transplantation.

Keep the entire team updated in real-time

Streamline Case Handoffs
Inclusive group message rooms with historical information to make handoffs quick and easy.

Facilitate live and/or virtual huddles
Keep everyone on the same page and stay organized for huddles.

Improve your Hospital Development
Use it with your donor hospitals to provide a value-add service and develop your relationships.

Emergency information dissemination
Broadcast critical emergency updates to your entire staff.

Being secure doesn’t have to be complicated

Secure messages comes included with all of OmniLife’s packages, ensuring you can keep all of your communication in one easy-to-maintain place.

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